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"And Always Remember...Success Begins With A Dream"™ - JD

Starting A Cottage Industry

Starting your own cottage industry, depending on your choice, can be done in VERY short order. I have started them literally overnight! Now, you of course you will want to do some research on a given cottage industry to determine if you are making the right choice, but then it is down hill from there and can happen VERY quickly.

If you want to know how to start a cottage industry, it's most likely because you are one of the millions of people that has lost their job due to the economic collapse. Perhaps you are only curious to know how to start a cottage industry because you've always wanted to have your own business at home doing something you love. In either case, this article will explore the basic steps for starting a cottage industry.

Decide what products or services you will provide. A cottage industry is a business where the production of goods or services is home-based. As you peruse this website take notes of the cottage industries mentioned that you think would best fit things that you are good at or good at making and then make a separate list of cottage industries that consist of something you would like to learn to do and profit from.

Yes, you see it right. This website does start off with the introduction of how to "Become a Secret Shopper". But as you will see as to peruse the site, it has much more than that for you to take advantage of.

If you will take the time to click on the menu link "From The Owner", you will discover why so much of this site is dedicated to secret shopping. What I also tell everyone to keep in mind is that the many companies we have listed also have retail merchandising needs as well. And in some cases the companies that have retail merchandising needs allow the rep to service the awarded store locations on a permanent basis. These are referred to as "Permlinks". These are your bread and butter clients that have this option available.

Secret Shopping and Retail Merchandising can be started with only having to have a computer, printer, ink, copy paper and an automobile. BUT, I know some people that started by using a friends computer, printer, ink and copy paper or the public library until they could invest in their own from the profits they made.

I know of one person that had been out of work for so long, their automobile had been repossessed and they could not afford the ink and copy paper necessary. BUT they had a VERY good friend that was willing to help them get started by letting them use their computer, printer, ink, copy paper AND they actually drove them to their assignments! After just three weeks, she was able to buy an ink cartridge, copy paper and put a down payment on a good used car!! She already had a computer and printer, so she was all set!!!

Now if your career choice is not secret shopping, please refer to our menu link "Dream Careers at Fabjob" and also refer to our menu link "Partner Website Links" to find our alternative affiliate and networking sites.

This website continues to grow, so you will want to check back frequently.

Take care and may success be yours in whatever career you choose.

And Always Remember..."Success Begins With A Dream" ™ - JD

James Deo Dawson Sr "JD"

Welcome to Mystery Shopping + Merchandising = Perfect Together!

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